Friday, June 29, 2012

Syrian regime tactics

"They say the arrests have focused on two groups: secular activists..." I can confirm this.  I have been hearing this from Syrians from early on in the uprising: that the Syrian regime went out of its way to target secular and leftist leaders and cadres thus depriving the internal uprising from its potentially key effective leaders.  I know that leaders and cadres of the Communist Action Party were arrested early on, and some were killed by the regime. 

PS The rest of the article in the Times is not very reliable, typically relying on rumors and unsubstantiated claims.  But what do you expect: it is a Syria story, damn it.  It talks about regime inciting sectarian tensions in jails but without explaining how.   I mean, like the Ikhwan folks go to jail secular, and then due to sectarian incitement by the regime they suddenly become sectarian? How dumb are those articles in the Times these days.