Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Sectarian cleansing in Tripoli

Of course, there is absolutely no mention of that in the Western press, and Human Rights Watch office in Beirut rarely if ever reports on any matter if it is against the interests of March 14.  Stores owned by `Alawites in Tripoli have been set on fire by pro-Hariri goons and Salafites.  Here, pro-March 14 thugs talk about their aims:  ""We are the majority in Tripoli so in numbers alone we could go up the hill unarmed and eat them alive," says Sheikh Masri ... They [Alawites] are supported by the Syrian regime, Iran and Hezbollah - the gang of Satan."  "It's not over," says a young man with short hair and thick beard standing with a group of friends on Syria Street. "The only solution is if the Alawites leave from Jabal Mohsen."" (thanks Basim)