Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bahrain Update

From Angry Arab's cheif Bahrain correspondent:  "An update on Albuflasa: Regime accused him of sexually molesting his 13 year old daughter. Daughter then came out and said that her aunts (moms side) forced her to file a complaint against him because they told her that he is converting to shiism and that he wants khumaini to rule bahrain (or something of that sort - I don't think they got the memo. Khumaini is dead). So the regime then arrests his daughter too for filing a false complaint. So now both Albuflasa and his daughter are languishing in jail - he's at the dry dock prison (alhawdh al jaaf) where many of the political prisoners are.
The weird thing is that EVERYONE is criticizing his arrest and calling for his release, including the staunchest pro-govt group Alfateh youth who left the Gathering for National Unity because they felt that they were being too soft on the "traitors." This is all very interesting because a parallel opposition seems to be developing - I guess we'll have to wait and see how this pans out.
There have been many high profile injuries at yesterdays protest organized by the legal opposition. Usually the legal opposition (unlike feb14) wait to get a permit from the government to protest. This time the government kept rejecting their permits so they went ahead and protested anyways. Here are the names of those arrested (may have missed a few):
Hassan Marzouq, VP the small arab nationalist opposition society alwahdawi (very popular with protestors these days because of their strong stances - referred to them previously in emails to you as the one man show but I guess they are more than one man :p). They are part of the coalition that includes AlWefaq and Waad. Here are the names of those injured (I may have missed some):
Said Yousef of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights (nabeel rajabs organization)
Ali Salman, secretary general of alWefaq. "