Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Bahrain update

From Angry Arab's chief Bahrain correspondent:  "So here's an interesting one for you. The Bahraini regime has done many horrible things but you know they are really desperate when they resort to 10th grade tactics. Mohammad AlTajer is a lawyer and one of Bahrain's most prominent activists. He risks his life defending political prisoners and has been imprisoned himself. He recently just came back from the UN Human Rights Committee meeting in Geneva which was extremely embarrassing for the regime. Now he was apparently getting to be too much for the regime. So what do they do? They install secret video cameras in his bedroom and release a video of him sleeping with/having sex with his wife (I'm not exactly sure because I'm too disgusted to watch the video). It is of course being tweeted and retweeted on twitter and in chatrooms by pro-regime idiots (many of them religious salafis by the way - I guess its okay when its not of them??) Apparently this is supposed to shame him into stopping his activism. This is of course horrifying and a gross invasion of privacy but it also shows you how desperate they are. They tried destroying shia mosques, firing people from their jobs, killing them, torturing them, threatening their lives, imprisoning them, teargassing their neighborhoods and homes, attacking them in hospitals, and kidnapping them. That all didn't work. So instead, they now videotape people in their bedrooms. Dictators of the world take note - now thats how you stop an uprising...Apparently he knew about the spy cameras a while ago and he complained about it and it is documented in the Bassiouni report (see here:) But they just released the video. I guess he was starting to really irritate them. What a joke of a regime."