Monday, June 25, 2012

Bahrain and Syria

From Angry Arab's chief Bahrain correspondent:  "I have no idea why you keep saying that the Syrian uprising is the least supported uprising in the arab world. The least supported uprising is Bahrain's because of the sectarian coverage of the saudi and qatari media (and yemen is the most ignored). Lack of support is especially prevalent amongst religious arabs. Tell me of one mosque in the US or the arab world which has a prayer for those killed in the Bahraini uprising. Also I'm sick and tired of syria being the litmus test for everything. A couple of days ago Faisal of aljazeera (forgot his last name) criticized bahraini protesters on twitter for supposedly not supporting the syrian uprising. He blocked anyone responding to him telling him that isn't true. WTF is he talking about???? I want to know how he gathered the data to make such an incorrect generalization. Since you know him please send him this message: Did he forget that Bashar alasad supported the Saudi invasion of bahrain. And I guess he forgot to read the tweets of Zainab alkhawaja, mariam alkhawaja, nabeel rajab and other prominent protest leaders concerning syria. Or perhaps he should search for Syria in the websites of alwefaq and waad and see the numerous statements in support of the syrian people/uprising. The only political opposition society that supports alasad is alwahdawi which is a small arab nationalist opposition society. That's it. I challenge faisal who works for the propogandist media station of aljazeera and who would never dare criticize qatar to find one statement from the syrian national council or other large syrian opposition groups supporting the bahraini uprising. Of course he won't find any and even if he did he would dare tweet that would he. Let me tell u a story about Mariam Alkhawaja. I'm fuzzy on the details. Mariam was at some amnesty rally/conference (might be another organization I'm not 100% sure) about the so called arab spring. When she started speaking, a group of Syrians started booing. So she responded to them and told them that she doesn't support any dictator and that they are all bad or something like that. So another group of people started clapping and chanting elwi7da elwi7da el3arabiya.