Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Albert Speer

There is no question that we are still yet to learn about the secret deal that the US (through Paul Nitze, George Ball, and J. Galbraith) provided to him to protect him from the death penalty in Nuremberg and to provide with soft cross-examination on the stand.  We now know that he lied in his account and that he indeed attended that infamous speech by Himmler in which the latter spoke about extermination of Jews and that he must have known about slave labors in his industries.  Yet, he got soft press.  He knew how to impress Western international opinion: he spoke English and French and knew about Western culture and dressed elegantly.  He did not murder his children like Goebbels but he was as bad a Nazi as the rest of them.  He fooled all with his book Inside the Third Reich which has an obvious agenda of deception: he always seemed to be listening when other Nazis spoke.  His case always bothered me, ever since I read his account.  There has been books published on him in Germany to expose his lies.