Sunday, May 27, 2012

massacres in Syria

Akram sent me this:  "The "Arab" Syrian Army and the "Free" Syrian Army are exchanging massacres in what seems to be a fevered race concerning who can kill the largest number of Syrians. The match is taking place in the Province of Homs.  
In Al-Houla (Homs), at least 92 civilians, 32 of them were children were killed in an artillery and tank bombing by the the Syrian Army (read here
and you can watch this video and more others)
In another two villages in Homs, Al-Shumaryiah and Teldo, the Free Syrian Army committed a massacre against many families
It's worth to mention that the sole source of information regarding Al-Shumaryiah/Teldo massacres was the Syrian news agency Sana who in turn, turned blind-eye on Al-Houla one.
I'm writing this trying hard (for the first time) not to cry... Children bodies.... more than what I can bear.... "