Thursday, April 19, 2012

Zionist colonization

"Israeli police evicted Palestinian families from two homes in East Jerusalem on Wednesday, clearing the way for Jewish residents to take over and creating a potential new flash point in the city's long-running battle for control over disputed neighborhoods.  The evictions of about 13 Palestinians, who last month lost their court case to retain the property, gives Jewish settlement groups their first foothold in the vast neighborhood of Beit Hanina, one of the holy city’s largest Arab communities.  The takeover is reminiscent of nearby Sheikh Jarrah, another East Jerusalem neighborhood where a handful of heavily protected Jewish families now live in the predominantly Palestinian community. Critics accuse the Jewish groups of seeking to “Judaize” East Jerusalem in order to make it more difficult for Palestinians to one day claim the area for the state they seek to establish.  The new Jewish owners of the Beit Hanina homes said they planned to eventually demolish the structures -- along with several adjacent buildings they claim to have purchased -- and build a Jewish community with more than 100 apartments."