Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ship of arms

This is major.  Lebanese Navy (I am sorry that i laugh when I say "Lebanese Navy" or "Lebanese Air Force" but go along with me) stopped a ship off the Lebanese coast which was heading to North Lebanon to bring arms from Libya to the Syrian rebels.  Israeli navy patrols the sea off Lebanon and the UNIFIL has ships all across the area but only to stop shipments of arms to anti-Israeli forces.  Miraculously, the terrorist Israeli government and the UNIFIL which works for them basically (Merkel was very clear about the purpose of UNIFIL when she dispatched German troops to Lebanon), did not notice this ship of arms.  If it was heading for Hizbullah, the Security Council would have met and US officials would have made statements of outrage.  As Syrian blood is being spilled you blame the Syrian regime and you blame Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Libya, and the US and its allies for pouring fuel on the Syrian fire.