Monday, April 30, 2012

See the wisdom in Saudi media

In one article yesterday, Thomas Friedman sought the wisdom in comments by writers in Saudi/Hariri media.  "the Arab commentator Hazem Saghieh told me. “All these years, the only thing that was allowed to come to the surface was that there is a consensus on the beloved leader and animosity to Israel and imperialism. There was no room for politics and differentiation. Behind this facade, Arab society became rotten".  Wait. But GCC countries never opposed Israel and imperliasm, is that why Gulf societies prospered and advanced and became symbols of enlightenment and progress?  Also, why didn't Mr. Friedman tell readers that Mr. Saghieh is a columnist in the mouthpiece of Prince Khalid bin Sultan bin Bribe, Al-Hayat? Why Mr. Friedman? To make him more representative of opinion outside the royal courts?

PS A colleague sent me this:  "Also, you should say that Saghiyyah is the equivalent of Freedman in the Arab world minus the popularity, as unlike Americans, the Zionist Arab right wingers are an infinitesimal minority."