Thursday, April 26, 2012

propaganda about Iran

"the remarkable hypocrisy of the Iranian regime is often studiously avoided."  Yes, for sure.  You see, Mr. Sadjadpour, the Iranian regime is widely supported in the Western press.  It only receives fawning coverage and praise in the English language press.  You alone, Mr. Sadjadpour, have the courage to criticize Iran.  The rest of American columnists, Mr. Sadjadpour, are only writing praise for the Iranian regime.  If it was not for you, brave Mr. Sadjadpour, the Iranian regime would have unanimous propaganda in its favor.

PS I like how the brave Mr. Sadjadpour stated that there should be attention to sex politics in Iran because it has "nuclear ambitions."  Sex with nuclear ambitions is a deadly combination, Mr. Sadjadpour.   (thanks Rasha)