Thursday, April 26, 2012

Please meet a Saudi liberal (another term for a mouthpiece of a Saudi prince)

"Today the human rights activists — a false term they do not deserve — in Saudi Arabia have been exposed again by another scandal, that of the arrest of the accused Egyptian Ahmed Al-Gizawi. It was rumored that he had been arrested immediately upon his arrival to Saudi Arabia solely for raising a lawsuit against the Saudi king. Those claiming to be human rights activists rushed to his defense, demanding his release, but they were soon exposed by another scandal, this time by the Egyptian ambassador to Riyadh, who confirmed the Saudi story and revealed that the man was being held on charges of smuggling narcotic pills into Saudi Arabia, and not because he filed a lawsuit against the Saudi king! Is there anything more scandalous than this for those who claim they are Saudi human rights activists? Of course they are very far from that in reality!  The truth is that no one can claim to be a human rights activist and then launch a frenzied campaign against me because of an article I wrote last week. True, the title of my article was worthy of debate, but these activists had no idea how to do this and opted to insult me instead of putting forward an opinion worthy of standing behind, or a vision that shows a degree of awareness."  With liberals like this, what is a conservative in the Arabic Saudi-funded media? (thanks Sultan)