Friday, April 13, 2012

lazy Western correspondents: the Syrian regime was supposed to fall today

I have not seen Western correspondents (most of them and not all of them) as lazy as I have seen them in this Syria story.  They mere reproduce what they receive from Qatari-funded press and propaganda offices of Syrian National Council and Ikhwan in Cairo and elsewhere.  They don't bother to do much of independent reporting (with few exceptions).  The bunch at the New York Times (after the death of Shadid) is a glaring example of this lazy trend and this skype obsession.  So the Syrian National Council folks told all journalists that the scenario is simple: that if the Syrian regime accepts a cease-fire, it will bring an end to the regime. That once it accepts a cease-fire and removes its troops (or most of them), the Syrian people will turn out in the millions and Bashshar will fall overnight.  Obviously, that did not happen and obviously (surprisingly if you have been reading the Western press) demonstrations in Syria were rather small and limited today.  Yet, there is an artificial attempt to pretend that something dramatic is about to happen.