Friday, April 06, 2012

Alkhawaja may die in Bahrain to the disregard of Western media

Angry Arab chief Bahrain correspondent wrote this:  "Zainab Alkhawaja has been arrested after clinging onto the gate of the prison complex screaming for her father. She will be charged with assaulting an employee and will be detained until Saturday. She has started her hunger strike in solidarity with her father. Meanwhile there are protests all over the villages. The security forces are responding with excessive force. One woman has already been killed - I think from excessive inhalation of tear gas but I'm not sure. You also have prisoners who were supposed to be released refusing to leave unless they release AlKhawaja. People I've talked to are hysterical or are just feeling extremely nervous and sad. Noone wants to see him die. He has become a symbol for the uprising to many. He spent his entire life fighting for the rights of Bahrainis. The pro-regime's salafis are forgetting that he fought for the release of guantanamo bay detainees not only in Bahrain but the rest of the Gulf. You get the feeling that whether they let him live or die this is a turning point. But a turning point to where and what? I have no idea. It is scary watching these events unfold. I am disgusted by the tweets of some members of the royal family and the regimes supporters. Where is their humanity? At the beginning I told myself surely they will release him but now after reading the foreign ministers tweets where he had the audacity to "inquire" whether hunger strikes are against islamic law (he wants to know by friday for some reason), I am not too sure. As photographer Mazin Mahdi said, this may be the worst mistake the regime has ever made, even worse than demolishing the pearl roundabout (not quoting his exact words).   The last time I felt this helpless was in March 2011 where they were going from house to house, from car to car, street to street, kidnapping and arresting people. I was scared to death just watching helplessly, waiting to see if someone I care about dearly was next. Now we are waiting again - will he die or will he live? God help his family. Who knows - by the time you see this email he may have already died. But I am clinging to the little hope I have left."