Saturday, March 03, 2012

Syria versus Saudi Arabia

So yesterday, the Syrian government for the first time went after the Saudi government.  This was a first. I have been noting that the Syrian government has hitherto avoided criticizing Saudi Arabia's government.  It is ironic that in the summer of 2010, the Emir of Qatar complained to me that Bashshar is too afraid of the Saudi government and refuses to go against them (ironic, given the solid alliance between Saudi Arabia and Qatar these days).  The words of criticisms were uttered by the Syrian ambassador at the UN: and they came in response to a speech by the Saudi ambassador.  So they were not part of a planned offensive.  I have for months been saying that the absence of Syrian official criticisms confirm my suspicion: that the Syrian regime still hopes for a last minute, under the table deal--lousy deal--with the Saudi government to preserve the regime.  I stand by my suspicion.  The words of the Syrian ambassador were relatively lame and he kept saying: dont' provoke me.  Don't provoke me?  The Saudi government has called the Syrian regime "an occupation authority" and called for armed revolt it against it, and the Syrian ambassador at the UN foolishly tells the Saudi ambassador: don't provoke me.  What is provoking to you, Mr. Ja`fari?