Saturday, March 03, 2012

An Israeli soldier wants to lecture me about the crimes of Zionism

I never thought that I would live to a day when an Israeli who fought (or provided "medical work") in the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982.  Yes, that kind of a guy is qualified to teach me about the crimes of Zionism, when I was at the receiving ends of his bombs and car bombs and shells in 1982.  I wrote again and I will write it again: there is no room in the pro-Palestinian movement for anti-Semites--and I am not saying that they may even be Israeli infiltrators sent to sabotage and stigmatize the movement.  I have declared Gilad Atzmon an anti-Semite (using the general word for anti-Jewishness).  Go read some samples of his anti-Jewish statements on the entry on him at Wikipedia.  I signed a petition against him and will sign more petitions against him, if asked.  I don't throw labels of racist or anti-Semitic lightly but the case against this former member of the Israeli armed terrorist forces is rather clear.  Here, Atzmon thinks he can offer me lessons on anti-Zionism.  He is as qualified as the Saudi King giving me lessons about feminism.  He and others should get the message: the Palestinian cause is too just and too precious to be polluted by haters of any kind.  Anti-Semites are never welcomed in our movement.  The Zionist cause is your natural home.