Monday, March 19, 2012

Bashshar's email? Who is Sam@alshahba

It seems that my early suspicions were correct.  None of the emails leaked belong to Bashshar Al-Asad, who I am told rarely use emails for security reason.  But this Syrian opposition website (which is known for having inside sources in Syria itself) had published this article on the "leaked" emails back in February and published the name of the government official whose email is Sam@alshahba.  His name is...Dr. Sam Dallah.  This makes sense if you read the emails and if you read the message from Shehrezad Al-Ja`fari in which she tells this sam that she misses him.  Plus, read this letter sent from sam@alshahba to Buthuayna Sha`ban, and it is clear that it can't be from Bashshar Al-Asad from the phraseology and the manner of address.  And Al-Haqiqah says that Sam in a letter (another one?) indicated that he visited the Turkish embassy in Damascus, and of course, it can't be Bashshar.  When I expressed early skepticism about the so-called Bashshar's email many out there thought that I acted too instinctively.  I did, and I was right.

PS As a bonus material, you may read this academic article by Shehrezad Jafari.