Monday, December 19, 2011

A call for the extermination of `Alawites

Those sinister sides in the Syrian opposition are left completely out of coverage in the Western Zionist press which are now keen on showing a pretty face (a Sorbonne professor) for the Syrian opposition.  The official narrative is that the Syrian National Council and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights are the official representative of the opposition and the the Ikhwan are either extremely nice and transformed or are insignificant.  This guy, Ma'mun Al-Humsi, is widely cited in the press and always talking about his love for democracy AND for that famous "civil state"--whatever that means.  Wait, I guess we know have a clue what it means given the war of militias in Libya.  Al-Humis speaks for the "liberal" allies of Ikhwan and he is the liaison between Syrian March 14 and Lebanese March 14.  He once was asked if he is on the payroll of Hariri family and he famously answered that the Hariri family does not deal with money--kid you not. Watch him rail against `Alawites and watch him making threats to all Syrian `Alawites.

PS No, this should not be used to support the regime but to insist that the Syrian people deserve better: neither the regime and nor those bigots.

PPS Can someone translate his words for me so that people can read what does not fit in Nada Bakri's reportage on Syria.