Friday, December 02, 2011

Burhan Ghalyun presents his credentials to American Zionism

I read the interview with Burhan Ghalyun in the Wall Street Journal.  It is quite revealing.  It comes to vindicate my stance against the Syrian Military Council (I fiercely oppose the council to the same degree that I oppose the Syrian regime).  The interview should be read as an attempt to present the credentials of the council to American Zionism.  It was quite telling.  On the Golan, this major body of the Syrian opposition, which for decades rightly mocked and ridiculed the Syrian regime stance on the Golan, now says--as Ghalyun told the WSJ--that it will get back the Golan through negotiations and not through armed struggle.  THAT IS EXACTLY THE POSITION OF THE LOUSY BA`THIST REGIME, Mr. Ghalyun. So basically you promise to continue to the walk on the path of the Syrian regime.  Ghalyun said all the "the right things" against Iran and Hizbullah (not clear why Hizbullah is brought into the picture even if Ghalyun rightly opposes its verbal support of the lousy regime), but noticeably did not say one word against Israel.  Ghalyun now speaks like a typical Arab government official: he explained the absence of Kurdish and Christian representation on his council by saying that Kurds have too many parties and that Christians, well he never managed to explain that one.  Ghalyun is being dishonest and he knows it.