Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Zaynab `Umar Al-Husni appears on Syrian TV

I have warned before about the feverish propaganda war between the Syrian regime and the propaganda outlets of main opposition groups tied to Ikhwan and their liberal tools.  I have complained before that I now am struggling to find out about what is really happening in Syria because I distrust the side of the government and the side of the Saudi/Qatari-sponsored opposition group.  Saudi/Qatari media are now as crude and as vulgar in their propaganda as the propaganda of Syrian regime.  Zaynab Al-Husni has become famous: she has been described as the victim of the Syrian regime who was decapitated and then skinned.  Amnesty International published a report detailing her case and most Western media reported the story.  Now, Zaynab Al-Husni has suddenly appeared on Syrian TV and said that she has fled her family's home because her brothers were beating her and torturing her.  (thanks Hussein)

I just got confirmation that she is alive from a Syrian opposition group, Kulluna Hamzah Al-Khatib.  It is now high time that we confirm that both Syrian regime and the main Syrian opposition group tied to Muslim Brothers are lying.  Western media should now take pause and realize that the Syrian opposition media have been making unsubstantiated claims and fabricating news and that Western media have been automatically reproducing such claims.  Syrian TV mentioned that Joe Stork of Human Rights Watch has spoken publicly about the case (I dont know if this is true).  You should be all like me: treat the Syrian story with great distrust to many sides and be skeptical and verify information before you peddle it.

PS Amnesty International owes us an explanation.  This warrants an investigation.  And it raises questions about the standards of HRW and Amnesty International: how they don't verify information if they relate to deeds of regimes opposed to US.  If a Palestinian makes any allegation against Israel, the person and his/her family is subjected to months of questioning before either organization comments on the story.  Sickening really.

PSS Lidia sent me this about Joe Stork talking about the case of Zaynab Al-Husni.

PSSS Apparently, her brothers were torturing her due to a changing of her sectarian affiliation, or so I was told.