Friday, July 29, 2011

Repression in Bahrain and Jeffery Feltman

When Jeffrey Feltman speaks the Arab world yawns (or vomits).  It is hilarious when he thinks he is making a smart point against enemies of Israel.  For so many months, somebody has told him that he will sound smart and witty if he brings up the issue of Iranian hypocritical double standards on Arab revolts: how the Iranian regime supported the revolts in Egypt and Tunisia but supported the regime in Syria.  Of course, the Iranian regime is hypocritical and repressive and has no credibility in that area.  But so is the US: here is a government that does not support any revolt except in Syria and Iran while it stood and stands by the various repressive regimes of the region.  Feltman is asked to speak on Arab revolts, and he always brings up Iran: but if someone admits that all that he knows about the Arab world, he learned from AIPAC and its affiliates and from the book by Lee Smith, then it is not surprising that he thinks that Iran is an Arab country.  If his learning of Middle East history copies his learning of Arabic, I would not be surprised if he thinks the Abbasid caliphate was based in Silver Spring, Maryland.  Yesterday, he said that the US will hold Syria and Iran accountable for their human rights violation.  No word of the other repressive criminal regimes in the region.  Bahrain royal family killed some 32 innocent civilians: that is out of a population of 600,000.  You do the math.  What is galling about Feltman is that he thinks he (or his administration) has any credibility whatsoever on the Middle East and its developments.  Go check the latest poll by Zogby: some 95% of Egyptians hold an unfavorable view of the US.  Feltman and other Zionists (including the Zionist-in-chief, Obama) worked hard to get to that figure.