Friday, July 29, 2011

Flash: Jeffrey Feltman hails behadings in Saudi Arabia and consider them essential to true reform

"WITH 33 people known to have lost their heads so far this year to the executioner’s righteous sword, it cannot be said that Saudi Arabia is a sissy about justice. But just to make sure, the kingdom’s rulers are making its laws even tougher....A draft law before the kingdom’s all-appointed proto-parliament, the Shura Council, threatens a blistering array of punishments for anyone remotely suspected of financing or engaging in “terrorism”. They may be held incommunicado and without charge for 120 days before being put before a special court that could impose further months of detention. Anyone convicted of causing death would be executed. Yet the definition of terrorism extends to such vague things as “endangering national unity” and “harming the interests of the state”." (thanks Khelil)