Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Communists in Hula versus Hizbullah's puritanical standards

This issue has been bothering me because it is a matter of principle.  Hizbullah needs to understand that it can't impose its rigid social order on people in Lebanon--not even in predominantly Shi`ite areas.  There are alcoholics in all Shi`ite villages in the South, damn it.  The confrontation beween Hizbullah supporters and communists who sell beer has taken places in Kfar Rumman and Hula, among other villages in the South.  Yet, there is a place that sell liquors in the southern suburbs and Hizbullah gave its consent for that one.  Yesterday, New TV aired a report on the matter, and three communists drank beer on camera from the village of Hula.  To them I say: cheers, comrade.