Thursday, July 28, 2011

Behind the scenes

"Contrary to popular belief, discussions and negotiations taking place behind-the-scenes in the UN Security Council are often sympathetic to Israeli positions on critical issues relating to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, according to Amir Weissbrod, a senior Israeli diplomat and top adviser to the Israeli delegation in the UN.   According to Weissbrod, backdoor meetings between ambassadors and foreign diplomats are generally understanding of Israeli justifications of its policies vis-à-vis the Palestinian Authority."  Look at the phrasing: "discussions and negotiations taking place behind the scenes".  I am sure he is talking about US-led efforts and that is accurate.   I am also sure that the US intimidates other members into accommodation of Israeli war crimes.  

PS US intervention on behalf of Israeli war crimes is not new at all.  Read the section on the US role in the 1947 partition plan at the UN in Walid Khalidi's From Haven to Conquest.   I consider the book (still in print by the IPS in DC) to be one of the top five books on the Arab-Israeli question.