Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bashshar: In the footsteps of his murderous father

No argument can or shall be made in favor of the lousy Syrian regime.  By any measure or any criteria, this is a failed and lousy regime that does not deserve any support whatsoever.  The Syrian regime has given reason for the Syrian people to revolt in any way possible to overthrow it.  The only progressive argument that I can see being made is for its overthrow.  Bashshar Al-Asad is just another ugly face of an ugly regime that is rotten to the core and that deserve only overthrow.  All its slogans are empty and bogus: its record against Israel is lousy: its army and intelligence services only show courage against unarmed civilians.  It is a regime that accepts humiliation by Israel at every corner.  It is a regime that betrayed its own slogans on social justice, freedom, or Arab unity.  It is a regime that lies as a matter of official policy.  Any support for the Syrian regime translates as support for its war crimes.  It is a time for paying tribute to the innocent civilians who are being massacred by the criminal arms of the regime.