Friday, June 10, 2011

Aljazeera: the farce

This has become one big joke: Aljazeera Arabic.  It is really now lower than Al-Arabiyya (the news station of King Fahd's brother-in-law).  I can't watch the news cast anymore because there is no news cast.  Just propaganda broadcast.  Woke up early today and turned in the TV, and the channel was laboring with great effort to make Syria the top non-stop story but they did not have much materials.  So they opened the phone lines and various people would call.  And I find this new propaganda ploy: Aljazeera refers to "reports" and "videos" on Syrian opposition websites, and then you go to (Saudi and Hariri-funded or linked) websites, and you find references to "Aljazeera reports" when Aljazeera had no reports but mere references to Syrian opposition websites.  What a joke.  Who would have thought that this would have happened to Aljazeera (Arabic).   C-Span has a daily call-in show: imagine if that show becomes the news broadcast of C-Span.  One guy was interviewed and he talked about various protests.  The anchor asked him for more and for videos: the guy said: Sure. I will do that soon, but I have been busy.  Aljazeera news is now a comedic Syrian serial.