Sunday, May 15, 2011

The pledge

On this sad day, one should pledge to the people of Palestine that:  We shall not forget; we shall not forgive, ever.  That we shall count your dead and injured, one by one. That we know that all Israeli crimes are registered in notebooks--as Mahmud Darwish had said.  We pledge that we are committed to:  No peace with Israel.  No Negotiation with Israel.  No recognition of Israel.  That all the deeds and treaties by Arab tyrants represent their oil and their polygamous ruling families and the external backers they have.  That they don't ever speak for the Arab people.  We pledge full return AND compensation.   And when Palestine is liberated, we should ensure a safe and peaceful and democratic and secular transfer of power.  All flags of Zionist occupation will be discarded but can be used as bathroom mats--we should commit to recycling in liberated Palestine.