Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Lebanese editor of Al-Hayat (mouthpiece of Khalid bin Sultan): Are you ashamed of your words, Ghassan Sharbil?

Rudy sent me this: "I am a Political researcher residing in London, and I was working on a study of Arab Media in London when I came across an embarrassing article by al-Hayat's editor in chief on King Fahd's legacy. The embarrassing article was translated to English, titled “The Custodian of the Ancestry and the Architect of the Renaissance”, in which he says that “Fahed Bin Abdul Aziz was one of the few that won the people’s medal of love and appreciation, completing the collection of many other medals ... King Fahed was infatuated with achievements. His name was associated to gigantic economic measures, as it was linked to political stances that placed the Kingdom on the path of expanding partnership and bolstering the foundations of stability, which stood unfaltering face to the winds of terrorism and suspicion. Perhaps the greatest achievement of any leader is to leave his country in secure hands after his departure, investing the people’s love to facilitate the mission of the man who is now holding the reins, along with his deputy”.   I mean this journalist writes books and gives lectures on Al-Arabiya about journalism, what a joke he is.  Have a laugh, and here is the link"