Tuesday, March 01, 2011

To Nicholas Kristof and other lousy Western liberals who call for invading Libya and starving its people

I am getting sick and tired of those lousy Western liberals, like Kristof and other Zionists in NYT and WP, who invoke "22 Arab NGOs" for their support for Western military intervention in Libya.  Those NGOs are largely funded by EU and US and can hardly be referred to as voices of the Arab people.  Those NGOs had no role whatsoever in the Arab uprisings, and if anything, they have become discredited by most in the region.  Let us not forget that many of the NGOs have been servants of Mubarak and Bin Ali in the case of two countries.  Those protesters who dared and challenged the regimes did not belong to the real and fictitious NGOs.  Read the sign above from Binghanzi: (AP).  I assume that you can read English and they wrote it in English for you to see and understand.  Zionists are about to hijack and adopt the Libyan uprising but that won't be easy.  The society will prove to be very anti-Israeli, like other societies in the region.   Obama who never once uttered the words that Mubarak should step down--even after he stepped down--suddenly decided to call on Qadhdhafi to step down, after resisting for weeks that demands (those who defended Obama said that he was worried about the use of US embassy staff as hostages, so he is no more worried about them?).  Libya, unlike Egypt and Tunisia, has oil and that is significant for the US.  The US is desperate to take advantage of the situation and steer it in the direction of Tel Aviv.  I was a critic of the "Zionist Lobby" thesis of Mershheimer and Walt until the Egyptian uprising when I saw the extent to which Netanyahu was directing Obama (I still caution against the exaggeration of the role of the Zionist lobby because the US lobby has imperial interests of its own).  The New York Times had this editorial today:  "We were disappointed to hear Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey — the Muslim world’s leading democracy — denounce “any sanctions or interference that would mean the punishment of the Libyan people.”"  So they were disappointed that Erdogan (and I am no fan of his) merely called against interference in Libyan affairs?  They were offended that he called for the Libyan people to chart their own destiny?  As for your lovely humanitarian sanctions, we saw your sanctions "work" in Iraq (and saw even your "smart sanctions" version under Bush and Rice) and we did not enjoy that show one but, as those more than 500,000 children who died from your sanctions.   The policies, actions, and rhetoric of the US is getting uglier and more offensive, and the liberals in the West as usual play the most sinister role (as they did back in 2003 in support of the war on Iraq).  Western liberals have always played that role and we in Syria/Lebanon lived under French colonial rule and French socialists were no less colonial when they were in power during that era.   I know, that Israel/US want to take advantage of a rapidly changing situation and they want to establish footholds in the region.  We know how they think when you read that Obama administration is inviting one Zionist writer after another into the White House (including Bush's era Zionists, like Elliot Abrams and Fouad Ajami) for potato's sake.  But they don't realize one important element of change in the region.  Those countries will never be as closed as they were: and so many arms depots and police stations have been raided by protesters.  Secret cells will now form freely in all armed forces of overthrown regime.  Potential for sabotage and subversion is now huge.  In many cases, the peaceful part of the uprisings is now over in Tunisia and Egypt.  The violent phase is about to begin. Stay tuned.  Those Zionists who play with fire will get their hands burnt, badly.