Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wanted: a buffoon for PA chief negotiator

Sa'ib `Urayqat has resigned.  The power of Arab public opinion is now stronger than ever.  Arab regimes--those who stay--will now be more cautious and more careful and certainly less able to follow US recommendations to cozy up to the Zionist entity.  The Palestine Papers are very big news in the Arab world: the Western media missed that story.  Aljazeera before it switched to Egypt 24 hours a day, devoted a lot of attention to the Palestine Papers and Palestinians, even those who are loyal to Fath, were outraged.  I was recently invited to speak to Arab groups in Detroit, and to my surprise the Palestinian hosts wanted me to speak about the Palestine Papers--not Egypt.  The PA is now looking for a replacement: he has to be like `Urayqat: not intelligent, clownish, easily mockable and with a bad command of English.  A member of a Palestinian negotiating team told me that Israeli negotiators mock `Urayqat to his face but that he is too dumb to notice.