Monday, February 28, 2011

This is hilarious: a Zionist decides that the new Egypt has already fallen into the Saudi/Israeli/US camp

"Viewed through this prism, the new Egypt, the new Iraq and the new Palestinian Authority are clearly in one camp."  So it is established already?  Egypt has joined the Israeli/Saudi camp already?  And oh, yes. the PA is considered a democracy too, not to mention occupied Iraq.  What kind of math is this? Should not analysts learn the basics of addition and subtraction?  But you do understand the thrust of this article when you reach his praise for Saudi King (a known democratic leader in Zionist circles):  "The good news is that a great many of America's allies have already started down the path of reform. Six years ago, King Abdullah II of Saudi Arabia began a gradual but comprehensive program of reform. Many others across the region have also inaugurated reform programs."