Tuesday, February 15, 2011

No to Gaza? Are you kidding me?

I have more reasons to be fiercely opposed to the Green Movement than ever. I received confirmation that signs and chants by Iranian Green protesters included the slogan "No to Gaza" (I don't care about Lebanon). Are you kidding me? First, the leader of the Green Movement wants to return to "the purity" of Khumayni's revolution and you wonder why I would not lend support? I am for the overthrow of the Iranian regime of course, and the Supreme Guide has to be toppled and the position canceled but the Green Movement won't do it. The Green Movement is like March 14 Movement in Lebanon: worthy only of my scorn. Of course, there are Iranian leftist protesters who don't support the Green Movement: those get my vote. And what has Gaza done to you? Gaza is not Hamas (Hamas has installed a lousy government in Gaza but the Abu Mazen government in the West Bank is ever far lousier because, as Sa'ib `Urayqat admitted in the Palestine Papers, they lie and "kill Palestinians" for Israel.) Gaza is an impoverished community of uprooted and occupied Palestinians who live under siege. No to Gaza? Oh, no: NO to the Green Revolution and its pro- Khumayni leaders. Between Khamenei and Khumayni: I choose neither. Between Ahdmadinajad and Musavi, I choose neither.