Friday, February 25, 2011

Jamahiriyyah TV

I am now watching Jamahiriyyah (Qadhdhafi regime) TV.  What a show.  It has the feel of channel 68 of public access TV in the US.  Cheap studio and jittery camera movement.  The discussion is purely Islamic justification of preserving the ruler and warnings against Fitnah.  There is talk of the security that leader provided.  It has a flash that Libyan government denies the rumors spread by those satellite stations "who conspire against Libya".  It talks about demonstrations in support of the "brother leader of the revolution"--Qadhdhafi.  But there is more: the guests on the show seems as comfortable as when I had my wisdom teeth extracted.  They also seem to look shiftily toward the side: as if they are waiting and looking for the nearest exist.