Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Al-Qadhdhafi's last speech

It was an unusual speech: following his political rhetoric over the years, I would say it was more like the young Qadhdhafi. He never was an orator: he speaks like a street thug. But in recent years, his oratorical mode have changed: he has been speaking for years as if he is sedated, as if he talks while under the influence of tranquilizing pills. Not yesterday. His tone was strong and sharp as in yester years. He was the street thug: and war criminal that he is. UNSC condemned the killing: Mubarak and Bin Ali killed more than 300 civilians and no one reacted. So according to UN standards, it is acceptable to kill 300 civilians by Arab tyrants, but more than that number would lead to UN condemnation. Obama and Hillary still don't want Qadhdhafi to surrender power: they fear the impact on oil field, just as they feared the impact in Egypt on the lousy peace treaty. Qadhdhafi said yesterday that great powers and their representatives came to him and paid their respect. That was true: tell that to Paul Wolfowitz: I read his lousy piece in the WSJ today on the plane and he berated Hillary for meeting with Mu`tasim Qadhdhafi. She and Obama should be condemned: but he forgot that it was his Bush administration that engineered the honey moon with Qadhdhafi. Qadhdhafi will go down violently: as I have said for weeks now. He is so loathed by his people. None of his ideas or schemes or gimmicks would stay. The ugly green that he promoted will soon disappear from Libya. Shame on all the leftist groups and quasi leftist leaders who gave support to Qadhdhafi over the years: especially George Hawi, Muhsin Ibrahim, Walid Jumblat, and others. Do you know when he fought his war in Chad, he asked those leaders to send him fighters and they actually did in return for his dollars. What about that US tenured professor who wrote a book in English in praise of Qadhdhafi's Green Book? He told me that wrote it in return for Libyan money. The ball is rolling: it does not seem to stop.