Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This is Zionism

"In other areas, the violations continued as in the past. The general lack of accountability in cases where security forces are suspected of harming Palestinians remained in place. Israeli civilians who injured Palestinians and damaged Palestinian property were also generally not prosecuted for these attacks. Although Israel declared a freeze on construction in the settlements, the settlement enterprise continued to have severe repercussions for Palestinians’ human rights. The Jerusalem Municipality expedited the handling of a few plans to build settlements in the heart of Palestinian neighborhoods in East Jerusalem. The Separation Barrier continued to isolate a number of villages in the West Bank from their surrounding areas and detached farmers from their farmland. Israel continued to restrict Palestinian access to extensive areas in the West Bank, such as East Jerusalem, the Jordan Valley, and land west of the Separation Barrier, and generally treated Palestinian freedom of movement as a privilege it may retract at will." (thanks Farah)