Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Olivia: the unknown soldier of Angry Arab site

It is high time for me to out and pay a tribute to Olivia. Here is a young American woman in her mid-twenties who has been volunteering hours of work for this website. I have never met Olivia but she has been a daily supporter of this blog. I thank the same person only once per day but she deserves more thanks. She supplies me with tons of daily links from which I select and highlight and mock. She knows what I want and she knows what I am looking for. Sometimes she sends me stuff that I know I won't use, and I order her back to work, and she sends me insults. I have to thank people around the world who send me links on a daily basis. Some are friends and some are supporters and some are encouragers. And Olivia is the office coordinator for an office that does not exist. I tell Olivia that if this site is taken over by NBC or WSJ, she would become a paid employee. Over extended hospital stays, Olivia continued to send me links. Kid you not. I am really grateful to her, and I asked her permission before I wrote this but did not, of course, tell her what I want to say. It is people like Olivia that make it clear to me that our efforts against Zionist crimes are not the sole responsibility of one person, no matter how dedicated. But that it is a collective effort in which the small parts make up the big picture. Olivia sometimes goes over long posts after I post them (she alone has the password of the blog--a woman that I have not met but that I have trusted) and corrects mistakes and errors although she often misses other mistakes and errors. Unlike me, she is not perfect. She went through the contributions of the best comment for the Dumb Mossad Team contest and we shall post the results this week. Olivia: I thank you. Go to work now. You are not paid but you may be getting a golden blender at some point. Not soon though. Don't get your hopes up. And turn off the lights of the office on your way out tonight, and feed the canary.

PS After I posted this, I received the following message from Olivia: "thanks, now i have to login to fix all your fuckin spelling errors."