Tuesday, February 09, 2010

L'affaire Ethan Bronner

By the way, this is an exchange between Bronner and me before the Israeli war on Gaza. Now, I have received another tip on Bronner (from another source). And I should say this: I will never reveal my sources who provide me tips (although I am not a journalist), although I only post items from reliable persons whose credibility and reliability can be ascertained. Many are people in mainstream life in the US (or in the Middle East): government officials, journalists, and academics. Some of them supply me with tips and information but ask me to not use it on the blog. I have not revealed identities of people who wrote to me in criticism without obtaining their permission. Yesterday, a very well-known (mainstream) Western reporter in the Middle East (who shall remain unnamed although he/she is known by all of you) sent me this (I cite, of course, with his/her permission): "Comrade as'ad: here is some background on our pal Ethan bronner. After the gaza massacre last year your beloved taghreed al khuddari told me that when bronner finally was allowed into gaza by the israelis he was utterly indifferent to accounts of the hardships endured by the people of gaza during the war. She told me he would turn his back and walk away when people tried to tell what had happened. His only real interest, she said, was how hamas had used them as "human shields". Only then, she said, would he pay attention. I know you have a low opinion of taghreed (which I don't completely share) but she had real problems with bronner. Bronner's predecessor, Steve Erlanger, was a decent chap who didn't feel comfortable with what he was covering. Bronner, on the other hand, always seemed to have no qualms. Now if you are going to use the above please be vague identifying the source."