Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ehud Barak: a few facts to remember

Israeli terrorist, Ehud Barak, who shot Palestinian poet, Kamal Nasir, along with his girlfriend in their bed while they slept, along with other terrorist crimes that he has committed, spoke in Washington, DC the other day. He was raving and making threats against Lebanon and "its infra structures". Imagine if an Arab makes threats against Israeli civilian targets. Can you imagine the uproar? The UN Security Council would have met, I swear. And when an Arab responds by saying, that IF Israel were to attack us, we will attack back, the entire Western press carries sensational headlines to the effect that: Arabs are making threats at poor Israel. I mean, if you really are not cynical, those things can drive you nuts, especially if you have any liberal hopes of change within the US--which I never had. Barak then blustered that Hizbullah is a Lebanese party that receives aid from Iran and Syria. He found that to be outrageous. That non-Lebanese are supporting a Lebanese group. Let me say this: Israel did that for decades: it supported the South Lebanon Army: it gave it money, uniforms, weapons and torture tools and techniques. But there is one difference: SLA was an army of mercenaries and Hizbullah (no matter what you think of it) is a mass party with a mass basis of support. Evidence? Well, when Israel humiliatingly withdrew from Lebanon, SLA members fled for their lives. When Syria withdrew from Lebanon, Hizbullah flourished in Lebanon. What does that prove? That Syria and Iran are doing what Israel did for years AND FAILED. Also, don't blame Lebanon because your gangs had their butts kicked, real bad. OK? Got it? In an era when the US ceases to protect Israeli war crimes and occupation, people like Ehud Barak would be treated like we treat other famous terrorists, like Khalid Shaykh Muhammad.