Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ecole Val Pere Jacques

AL sent me this from Lebanon (I cite with her permission): " So this is to further comment on Layal's note on Ecole Val Pere Jacques. When you mentioned that in your talk, I so wanted to share this very experience. I can't recall who's Layal, especially if she was younger than me in Fall 1995, I was in 5eme (Grade 7). Actually I think we were in the same courtyard then, and that morning is still so fresh in my mind, when the nun was saying literally that "Rabin was a man of peace" and asked us to dedicate the pray for his soul!!! I was so angry. I didn't know then the history of the man, but regardless he's Israeli in power position. I thought that why they are all now in love with the man, and making us feel sorry and saddened, while we were not in a position in Middle School to mention that. In a 12-year old boy mind, this is another policy different than official one of the government (regardless of Rafic Hariri biographer) from what I watch on TV. Then when later in April 1996 Israel started "Operation Grapes of Wrath", and the two weeks we spent at home, I kept thinking about that Israeli peace!!! I wish now in retrospect that I went and asked her about that!!! Again, true story!!!"

PS Layal, who had sent me the original message on this later added: "I think it would be more suitable if we replace "Val Pere Jacques School hearts Yitzhak Rabin" with "Sisters of The Cross heart Yitzhak Rabin". Knowing that at that time, the Mother Superior Nun was Arzeh (who is the sister of Bachir Gemayel). So the nuns considered Rabin to be a man of peace and they prayed for his soul. :) So I prefer to "attack" the nuns and not the entire school for fear of unintentionally attacking some innocent students. "