Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hajj Amin and Hitler

This has become a recycled Zionist propaganda. The response should be: 1) Hajj Amin was not an Islamist leader who can be connected to the Islamists of today. He was a nationalist leader. 2) there was no alliance between Hitler (who hated and despised Arabs) and the Palestinian national Movement. There was one contact: a contact--as repugnant was it was--is not the same as an alliance. British officials had more contact with Hitler and yet we dont speak of an alliance between the British government and Hitler. 3) Zionist leaders had contacts with the Nazi movement too: read Lenni Brenner and read Eichmann in Jerusalem by Arendt. 4) There was one meeting, ands Hajj Amin and not the Palestinian leader should be blamed for it. 5) Hajj Amin was meeting with the enemy of his enemy who kicked him out of his homeland, and not with friend of the Palestinian people. 6) There are a lot of lies contained in the Zionist literature on the matter: don't believe them when they allege that Hajj Amin or others had anything to do with Nazi murders and genocide. As if the Zioinists would not have presented the evidence, if one existed. Instead, they do what Zionist hooligans always do: they lie and fabricate. 7) Friends of Israel were much closer to Hitler than Hajj Amin: like House of Saud and Vatican. And Answar Sadat was--unlike the lousy Hajj Amin--an unrepentant Nazi, and yet centers are named after him in the usurping entity called Israel. 8) Israel and Zionists are desperate: they are now on the defensive. They have nothing to show to rebut charges of war crimes by the terrorist state called Israel. So they recycle the Zionist propaganda of the 1960s. 9) There is no evidence that Hajj Amin met with Eichmann: but there is evidence that Zionist leaders had contacts with him. (thanks Hicham)