Sunday, November 29, 2009

When the Mossad thinks it is being smart

I love it when the Mossad leaks to the subservient Israeli media. Israeli media publishes Israeli intelligence leaks without asking questions, just like media of the Arab regimes. Look at this article from the Zionist paper, haaretz. It is so funny, I mean that. So according to the report the military wing was pissed at the civilian leadership. So where does that put Nasrallah: who is closer to the military wing than any one? I must confess that as a child I was told that the Mossad is intelligent, effective, and knowledgeable about the Arabs. I relished growing up and discovering that the Mossad is dumb, ineffective, and ignorant. And this is without talking about their crimes and murders and racism. I can even see the Israeli Orientalists when they met and came up with this scheme: thinking that if we plant this story, it will spread chaos and sedition within the party. Yes, this scheme had an impact, no doubt. They are laughing at you, you fools.