Monday, November 09, 2009

Lisa Goldman and the media award

Yesterday I posted an item about a media award for Lisa Goldman. (And shame on Amin Malouf for agreeing to sit on the jury committee, but this is not the first political transgression by this former leftist). A person sent me this (I am citing with his/her permission): "...With regards to a post about a media award ceremony, one of the award winners, lisa goldman, did in fact enter into to lebanon to do a broadcast story on about beirut a year after the invasion. Coincidentally my ex girlfriend was sitting next to her on the return flight from beirut to amman and mentioned to me that she had met a really annoying journalist who insessantly bragged about her degree from columbia thru the entire flight. When my ex asked her what she was doing in beirut, she said she couldn't talk about it. Fast forward a couple months and while visiting beirut I ran into a guy I know who used to work at torino express. He told me how one day a journalist showed up and asked to interview him on camera for a british news station. When the interview aired on isreali tv, he subsequently got into a mess of trouble with hizbollah (he grew up in dahiye), was fired from torino, and his family more or less ex communicated him.
I put two and two together and figured out that he had met the very same journalist who my ex had sat next to on the plane, and had been facebooked therafter. Seeing a good opportunity I messaged the journalist to inform her what had happened to her interviewee as a consequence of her journalistic adventure in lebanon and she replied within seconds to tell me that none of it was her fault, because she could not be held responsible for the actions of a "fundamentalist terrorist group" and that she herself had put herself at huge risk by entering lebanon. She also googled me and, having found out I did grad school at harvard, dropped in a couple of words about her degree from columbia and how I should know better than to take sides since I had an ivy league degree and therefore should understand the situation from her perspective. I responded that I thought her actions were nothing more than being reckless with others, and that if she was such a brave journalist she should have interviewed some members of hizbollah instead of an espresso jerk in gemayze. She wrote back that I was an obvious anti semite and that her 'arab' friends in lebanon had supported what she had done. I suppose in the end her arab friends gave her an award." But let me say this: how proud should you be if you win a journalism award while seated next to the Saudi founder of Elaph? This is like sitting on a podium with Larry Flynt.