Tuesday, September 29, 2009

To Zionist hoodlums in US media

I don't use the word hysteria (because of its sexist etymology) but there is a craziness in US Zionist media regarding the tenure of Joseph Massad. Let me quote reference from the New Testament and tell this to Zionist hoodlums in US media: Joseph Massad has received tenure. He really really has. Did you get that? The Zionist hoodlums in the US media are fretting like little babies. Look at this trashy editorial. When I read it I thought: this is more vulgar and more crude than the editorials in Saudi or Ba`thist media. Kid you not. I know that Zionist hoodlums don't seem to get it and they don't understand tenure decisions but it is over. It is final. It is accomplished. There is nothing you can do, except whine and fret and yell and scream, which only bring pleasure to your enemies. And for how long will your crying last? Is there a deadline after which you will go back to your business of vomiting Zionist propaganda, day after day? Oh, by the way: have you heard? Joseph Massad has received tenure. And if you want a daily reminder of the news, write yourselves an email to that effect at nine in the morning every day. Of course, the writer(s) of this trashy editorials lie, invent, and fabricate which is typical in Zionist media and propaganda. Joseph never threatened to expel a student from class (and the student in question never made that claim), and the Israeli Army guy was never a student of Joseph.