Thursday, September 24, 2009

Susan Rice: We remember Rwanda

"In his speech, Mr. Churkin noted sardonically that just a few months ago, on the subject of Darfur in Sudan, he had been lectured about how war crimes charges should never be sacrificed for political reasons, according to two diplomats present, and now he was being told the opposite. Amnesty International called her position “deeply disappointing.” Ms. Rice denied a double standard. The report had a lopsided focus on Israel, which is capable of investigating possible war crimes, while Sudan is not, she said." Capable of investigating? Israel has committed at least one massacre/war crime per years since its usurping founding, and no serious investigation ever took place. In fact, if you read the Kahan commission report you realize that Israel, as far as accountability for state crimes, is no different or better than the Sudanese regime. But how could Susan Rice have any credibility on any foreign policy issue? She was the top Africa expert in the Clinton's White House when the Rwanda massacres too place. They took place on her watch.