Friday, September 25, 2009

Khalid `Alwan

Lebanese are commemorating the anniversary of "Wimpy Operation". When on one day in the summer of 1982, a Lebanese resistance fighter was walking on Hamra street and was so offended by the sight of Israeli terrorist soldiers arrogantly sitting in a street cafe. The man rushed to this house and brought a revolver, and shot all three Israeli terrorist soldiers. It was that attack that led the Israeli terrorist army to humiliatingly flee from West Beirut and yell through loudspeakers: "Don't shoot at us. We are leaving the city." I remember that I passed by the site only an hour or so after wards, and remember that people were ecstatic. Khalid `Alwan was later shot by militia men loyal to Walid Jumblat. By the way, it is a commemorative plaque for Khalid `Alwan that American-British showman/poseur, Christopher Hitchens, was trying to deface during his trip to Beirut when he was beaten up.