Saturday, September 26, 2009

Israel's embrace of anti-Semitism: the case of Faruq Husni Mubarak

It is of course quite obvious that the Israeli state does not care about anti-Semitism, or that it cares only insofar as it exploits the issue for its own petty political purposes. Israeli foreign policy has shown for decades that relations with Israel supersedes any concerns over anti-Semitism. Israel has shown over and over that it is willing to cover up and even ignore the most repugnant anti-Semitism in return for relations with the government of Israel. We know that Israel ignored the Nazi, anti-Semitic background of Anwar Sadat, and that it ignored his anti-Semitic statements even after he signed a peace treaty with Israel (like when he told October magazine that the Jewish settlers in Sinai should be "burnt" and the word used is from the same Arabic root of the word for Holocaust). Only anti-Jewish statements from governments and personalities who oppose Israel trigger an angry reaction from Israel. So if David Irving were to praise Israel, the Israeli government would ignore his Nazi sympathies. Just look at the Zionist alliance with Christian fundamentalism in the US. The Egyptian government, in the wake of the defeat of Faruk Husni Mubarak for the directorship of UNESCo--and I am still celebrating the defeat, has unleashed torrents of anti-Semitism. The Egyptian foreign minister, Ahmad Abu Al-Ghayt, spoke this morning on Al-Arabiyya TV (the private station of King Fahd's brother-in-law) and railed against "International Judaism" (Al-Yahudiyyah Al-`Alamiyyah which is an Arabic translation of a vicious Nazi term). This is the term that classical Nazi anti-Semites used. You will not of course see MEMRI (the propaganda outlet of the Israeli terrorist government) produce translations of such hate. Abu Al-Ghayt had the audacity to say that the defeat of Faruq Husni Mubarak left bitterness among Muslims and Arabs. Somebody need to tell that dude that Egyptian collaboration with Israel to strangle Gaza is what causes bitterness among Arabs/Muslims. And Faruq Husni Mubarak spoke about his defeat to Al-Masri Al-Yawm. He never fail to thank Jamal Mubarak, who holds no official post in government, for his support, whatever that means. Also, Faruq Husni Mubrak had promised to resign if he did not win the position in UNESCO. Guess what: he changed his mind. He said (in another interview) that he only wanted to raise the profile of Arabs and Muslims: when Muslim prisoners were being urinated on in Egyptian jail, it did not bother this cultured minister. And then there is the attempt by Sa`d Ad-Din Ibrahim (the cheerleader of Bush--although all Arab cheerleaders of Bush now bitter criticize Bush and enthusiastically support Obama: call it principledness) to sound original: he is mocking Arab media for their talk of a conspiracy against Faruq Husni Mubarak. But Ibrahim fails to notice that Israel and its supporters around the world, especially the Zionists of France, hence the piece by Faruq Husni Mubarak in Le Monde, were quite clear about their opposition to the man. So there was no secret about Zionist opposition to Faruq Husni Mubarak. And then Ibrahim adds this: he argues that the Bulgarian diplomat was chosen because she fought against communism (I kid you not--Ibrahim did not know that the person in question was hard core communist), and that Faruq Husni Mubrak did not support democrats in Egypt (it is clear he is talking about himself although he named others). As if Western governments give a hoot about oppression in our lands, and as if Ibrahim has not noticed Western solid support for oil monarchies in the region.

PS Forgot to add this piece of Hariri media trash. This "culture" editor of Hariri rag, Al-Mustaqbal, Paul Shawul, is now the most vocal anti-Semite in the Arabic press (or one of the most, because he has tough competitor in the Saudi media). See his trashy piece by him on the issue of Faruq Husni Mubarak. MEMRI will not translate this because of the Saudi-Zionist alliance.