Saturday, August 01, 2009

The macho fools of Lebanon

Today, Lebanon celebrates the anniversary of its lousy army which never defended Lebanon from external attacks--chiefly from the army of the Zionist usurping entity. The only "heroism" of the Army has been displayed against the civilians of Lebanon and the Palestinian refugee camps over the decades although the Palestinian resistance has proved that it is far stronger than the army. And you see those picture of soldiers eating from a snake and biting its head off from yesterday during celebrations and shows by the army. You may wonder why. Well, there is a traditional macho saying in the Arab east: it is said about somebody who is "though" that he "eats the head of the snake." This explains why the Lebanese Army and the militias of Phalanges and Ahrar in Lebanon in the 1970s would always show trainees eating a snake. I have a suggestion to the trainees of the Lebanese Army: you don't have to bite off the head of the snake or the head of a puppy or a chicken. Just don't flee and hide the next time Israel attacks Lebanon. That would be the real measure of toughness. This is an army that should he ashamed to even celebrate its anniversary given its shameful record of watching as Israel attacks Lebanon, and as Lebanese and Palestinian volunteers defend Lebanon. This is the real history of Lebanon.