Monday, August 31, 2009

Another Lebanese...braggart

Ibn Rushd sent me this (I cite with his permission although I removed some words for legal reasons): "This guy, Fadi Nahas, is a small time...& [allegedly] high-school dropout who became very rich importing bananas from Ecuador and selling them in Turkey. His former associate, Joseph Moawad [allegedly] accused him of embezzlement and sued him for stealing $ 1.5 million. But the fellow is megalomaniac and for the past few years, he is been...Lebanese journalists to interview him and praise him. Today, he seems to have...a L'Orient journalist. The guy does not have [allegedly] a high school degree for potato's sake and yet he announced his candidacy to be president of the Euro-Mediterranean Union, a job which does not exist yet and for which you can't run. And yet the Lebanese Press takes him seriously and there's an entire page about the [alleged] crook. A few years ago, get interviewed by Ricardo Karam on TV And the same clown...some unknown organization to grant him an "Excellence in Leadership Award" of which he's been bragging ever since....Two years ago, there was an entire website and several facebook groups set up by Moawad's daughter to expose Nahas, but these sites were taken offline. I am not sure if he sued or if they found a financial agreement. The guy has also [allegedly] donated money to Chirac's phony foundation and...the title of "Ecuador's honorary consul to Turkey..."