Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Iranian regime's propaganda: blaming Anarchists

"Apparently what had happened was that anarchists, after hearing Mousavi's speech, which in itself was a wonder, start an attack towards the Basij station at the beginning of MohammadAli Jenah street. The anarchists who were armed with guns, in this barbaric attack, start firing towards a mother and daughter who had taken refuge inside a kindergarten, and martyr them. The green masks do not stop there and using machetes kill or injure other people in a gruesome fashion." I stumbled on this while reading about the propaganda of the Iranian regime. Anarchists? Real anarchists? Or is this one of the ploys that all oppressive regimes (Eastern and Western) use to justify their oppression and crackdowns. Have you seen any real accounts of Anarchists in the Iranian movement thus far?