Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A US-engineered coup in Moldova?

It is amazing what is happening in Moldova but it confirms my theory that you can't have democracy in the US-controlled world. Democracy is a mechanism for the US to install its puppets and its capitalist stooges worldwide. No more or less. And when the US does not like the results of a fair and free election (Election observers from the European Union and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe had tentatively accepted the voting as fair, though they expressed some concern about interference from the authorities.") they engineer a "people's coup" and claim it was a spontaneous upheaval. I mean, the EU found the elections to be fair and yet they were pressured to "express concern" over interference from the authorities. What does that mean? If it was fair they would not have intervened. It is either naive or worse to make democracy and election an urgent goal for change in Middle East countries. The overthrow of the regimes should be sought of course but one should know what the empire has in mind (or up its sleeves). The US and its allies will make sure that people are not permitted to be free and "democratic elections" are effective mechanisms to prevent people from being truly free.